If to look for a way, one out of many, to describe Yoga, it seems to follow some natural inner order, physically and mentally.

The work of the Yogi is entirely concerned with the study of the inner dimension of man, body- mind- consciousness,
as a tool for development and transformation .
It’s a world of discoveries in matter and spirit based on direct experience and only direct experience
is that which establishes its credibility.

My studies in the field began 20 years ago with a bachelors’ degree in psychology and have continued since then with the
studying into introspective approaches such as Buddhism, Zen and the Yoga tradition in particular.

What led me to this field in the first place, and it is where the core of my understanding lies, began much earlier, with the conviction that accompanies me to this very day, and is that the purity of the heart is where the core of human existence is. It is where love is reflected unconditionally. Love as a state of being.  Inwardly and outwardly. This notion took me to travel, further studies and wondering, as I was looking for where are those who are truly knowledgeable in the Art of love.
Traditions of self-observation reflect this value in the highest way. By indicating the ability to be as void as possible from false ideas about reality and by declaring a fully aware and balanced state of consciousness,
independent of all circumstances,
they pointed at a pure state in which love is expressed naturally and unconditionally.


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B.A in psychology


Number of Vipassana retreats


A journey of nearly a year in India


500 h, Yoga teacher training, (Ashtanga)


‘The Chakras’ course


‘Centered Yoga’, Dona Holleman.
Teacher training, Italy. 


The Yoga Tradition- ‘The history and philosophy of Yoga’- 800 hour distance-learning course, by Georg Feuerstein, Traditional Yoga Studies, Canada


Independent learning, practice and research