Along with the immense benefits of practicing yoga on the body, the Yoga tradition, as a complete and broad philosophy, touches every aspect of being and aims to illuminate every hidden aspect in a new and beneficial light.

Learning Yoga does not necessarily always include Asana (posture).
 In fact, the depths of fulfillment lie in understanding.

As fundamentally therapeutic, the Yoga tradition therefore addresses to all who question their role in life, speaks to all those who are facing any kind of problem or dilemma, relevant to those who struggle with some physical or emotional pain, or problematic relationships or health issues. To all of us who seek relief.
There’s something we can do about it and the answers are within ourselves. The road to a resolve starts by carefully looking inwards and learning how to apply wisely and confidently our own strengths.

A conversation session is based on the broad concept of the Yoga tradition as a whole and it combines theoretical philosophical knowledge with practical tools that help us assimilate this knowledge into reality.
The meeting is conversation-based alongside a substantial emphasis on body and breathing.
We deal with physical and mental challenges,
such as stress, anxiety, fears, self-confidence, relationships and more.

Suitable for youth and adults

To schedule a conversation session, please contact through the envelope at the bottom, email or phone

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