Note 02

The expression of love remains and still is, the fundamental ideal of humanity.

In order to deeply contemplate about love we need to forget every piece of information we have about the world.

There is nothing to say about love that provides more information, rather it is more about the ability to disregard certain accepted knowledge.

Love is the most delicate and fragile state, and yet, a world wonder, powerful and immense. It touches every living thing. Essential to every living thing. Exists for every living thing. The core of being of every living thing.

Love that wants to be expressed is here as a fact of nature, in every moment, in any interaction. Whether we notice it or not, it is there.

The ‘divine-inspiration’ is right here in our ability to express love in its purest way. To be in a state of consciousness where we are fully aware to feel the subtle threads of love seeking to be responded by us.

Love is as wide and deep as the whole universe, the greater teacher of transforming our egocentric personality into something miraculously.

If you think it has specific form, or a specific address, you got it all wrong, it is omnipresent and has endless ways of expressions.
If you think ‘that’s how it should look like’, you likely to be wrong again, it is about dropping all ideas about it and open your heart to what there is in front of you right now! The less preconceptions you have about it, the closer you are to truly let it fill you up.

In this matter Love and Truth are one and the same.

The truth lies within any moment of reality, timelessly.

Yoga tradition speaks of the Observer, the observation and the observed, becoming One. You and the Other
are one and the same.



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