New morning groups -Vinohrady

You are welcome to join us for in-depth learning within a steady group setting.
We will learn from the basics the principles of yoga practice and its meaning.

A committed group of learning.
For beginners and individuals with some prior experience in yoga.

Course content
We will learn the purpose and foundation of yoga practice.
Explore different aspects of the practice:
meditation, breathing,  postures (Asana).
Touch on some of the Yoga philosophical theories,
Gain a better understanding of our physical and mental mechanisms,
and experience its beneficial influence on our
body, mind and being.

Course structure
 Small and steady groups.
First ten lessons are obligation (2,300 czk).
After ten classes, the lessons will continue regularly and weekly.
It is possible to pay for each lesson separately (250 czk),
or to buy a 10 lessons discount card (2,300 czk instead of 2,500 czk).
The classes will continue throughout the school year (until the end of June).
The course is in English
First group 7:30-8:45
Second group 9:15-10:30
Starts in October 2023
In Vinohrady, U Zvonařka ulice.

To register please fill out the form below and indicate which group you want to join

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