Note 05

Before intellect, before knowing, before ideas, before theories, there was senses.

Old, primitive brain senses, that felt the world instinctively, based on pure subtle attention. Great amount of information rises there, at this ancient ability of our brain.

Over time, we have developed a thinking, planning, constructing frontal brain which serves us greatly in its ability to build, evolve and promote.  Humans surely used that frontal brain abilities properly, although they used it too well or overuse it, while neglecting the primitive side of the brain, which is older, has no human emotions or thoughts, but pure physical feeling based on sensing abilities.

The frontal-brain correspond to the front side of the body. The side that we mostly aware off, the side that we can see, the side which connect to our feelings and thoughts .

The back side of the brain correspond to the back side of the body, the side that we are less aware off, the side that is out of our sight.

If we learn how to balance the two, bring them both to our attention, we will gain one whole person that walk confidently on earth. Directing our awareness also to the back side of our body and brain, will awake their important qualities, reducing our over-thinking and over-doing.

Alongside with balancing the left & right sides, we can learn how to conduct ourselves around a middle axis physically and mentally. A central line that holds the skeleton balanced, allows energy to flow freely in the body, gives a sense of pleasure within the body, sense of simplicity and confidence within yourself.

(Hatha Yoga)



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