Note 10

Nothing is outside of yourself. All types of pains belong to you.

It is your own experience to go through, your own call to pay attention and listen carefully. Let it go through your cells, don’t be afraid of it, don’t quickly run and try to conceal it, or take a pill for it to go away, but truly, first of all, feel it.

By allowing yourself to open your body and mind to everything that happens to you, will already color the pain in a different color.  You already allowing pain to be present, allowing yourself to feel without a fear, to accept without resistance.

Slowly you realize that your body can handle it, your soul can contain it.
It is yours. It is for you. Pain doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. Discomfort has its own values. It usually comes with valuable knowledge for your growth and development.

In the Yoga-sutra of Patanjali, he speaks of the world as serves two purpose, experience and liberation. The reality is not our enemy and the question is how can we mentally free ourselves through every experience, including pain .  



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