Note 07

There is no such a thing spirituality that is separate from you. Nothing new to add.

If it’s about something, then it is more about how to get rid from all that prevents us from being what we already are.

Subtlety will probably be the quality of spirituality.
It means entering into a subtler dimension of yourself, and therefore, of reality as a whole. This subtlety has no limit.

In a world of so many stimuli, perhaps the first step is to start questioning our consumption values. Not any content is worthwhile, not all products are necessary, not every technology serves us.

In subtlety lies our ability to feel delicate details of reality, where the flame of life burns, where less words needed, where emotion and intellect are not in a conflict, where truth is the only way and all forms of self-deception are no longer playing a role. This subtle frequency of existence affects our perception of ourselves, of others and of the world.

Spirituality doesn’t belong to specific people. It has nothing to do with religion.
Spirituality has no model, it is essentially a self, personal process. It is in hands of all man, without exception and it is completely realistic. Spirituality is in fact the most practical, rational option if you want to establish your life on something sustainable.

By directing conscious and attentive time for observation,  a bridge to our subtle dimension begins to be built.
No certain clothes ever defined spirituality, not any mantra or prayer, not any kind of ceremony. Just as a naked body cannot hide behind anything, spirituality is the Nakedness of your Mind and Soul – absolute purity and simplicity. 



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